Tuesday, March 20, 2012


halo long time no blogging, not really yeah. today i will tell about my homework from Elfrida Chania. sorry im late :3 cause i have many task from my VHS! yeah its semester 2! banyak sekali tugasnya but who cares?

sekarang saya libur sekolah sampai 27th Maret 2012 :D but i still have so many homework! its like hell in paradise (?)

yesterday i draw this. cause there are no picture to show, then i draw this. supaya pembaca nggak bosan baca blog saya. hope you like it :3

actually i made it with typo. so sorry #14-Dis-as-ter is the homework from Elfrida Chania. i have to tell 14 fact about me, and answer the question. ok lets do it :3