Tuesday, March 20, 2012


halo long time no blogging, not really yeah. today i will tell about my homework from Elfrida Chania. sorry im late :3 cause i have many task from my VHS! yeah its semester 2! banyak sekali tugasnya but who cares?

sekarang saya libur sekolah sampai 27th Maret 2012 :D but i still have so many homework! its like hell in paradise (?)

yesterday i draw this. cause there are no picture to show, then i draw this. supaya pembaca nggak bosan baca blog saya. hope you like it :3

actually i made it with typo. so sorry #14-Dis-as-ter is the homework from Elfrida Chania. i have to tell 14 fact about me, and answer the question. ok lets do it :3  

here is 14 fact about me
1. Muslim
2. 15 yo and going 16yo this April 17th yay \m/
3. i love photography
4. blogging <3
5. social networking addicted (lol)
6. maudlin
7. hate pineapple 
8. durian <3
9. love handmade
10. lazy person
11. have 155 cm height
12. art <3
13. drawing <3
14. black hair
15. black eyes 

lets answer the question
1. who is your full name?
Ida Yusnilawati
2. if your name is abbreviation, whats your name abbreviation?
3. most beautiful experience in facebook?
know many people in the world :3
4. depicting a cartoon character you are?
chibi maruko chan
5. what you want from doraemon tool? why?
his magic pocket! lol
6. Jogja or Barcelona?
7. if you get a chance to be BOS 1 day, what company you want to lead?
want to be BOS in "handmade girls" (someday i will wkwk aamiin)
8. if you're Superman. who would you save fist?
my parents
9. if given only one chance. want to meet anyone? will say what?
Justin Bieber, "how awesome you're"
10. cuisine by your mother you like most?
soup! :9
11. you chance to be an artist, what film you want to play?
alice in wonderland
12. who idol you dont want to follow?
13. what things you like most from a blog?
cerita soal jalan-jalan ke suatu tempat atau tutorial handmade
14. what do you think the annoy things of a blog?
too much gadget

done! :D sorry i dont give this homework to 14 friends other. i'm break the rules :3 but if you want to do this homework thats up to you ;)

see you next post!


  1. great blog!
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  2. Your drawing looks really cool!

  3. aaaah! suka banget sama gambarnya! nice blog, makasih udah comment di new blogku :)


  4. Great blog
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  5. Cute drawings! (:

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    1. thanks for droping a comment :)
      i've visit your blog. that's awesome blog!

  6. u drew it aren't u??

    so cool and impressive dear..keep on drawing ya.

  7. aaah.. i got the same homework from leligulali.. i'll do this homework later.. hehehe..
    i like ur drawing sist.. so much.. u hv many talent.. ^^

  8. these sketches are really nice!

    X the cookies


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