Thursday, June 21, 2012

Holiday season~

my exam has been done! yay i'm so happy. after 8days we fight for the exams. now just wait for the rapor this Saturday, hopefully i get good score.
what about your holiday? how about read some novel or comic? like me hehehe

this is not mine. i borrowed this book from cherry's library. did i ever tell you about Fear Street by R.L Stine? i love fear street! fear street novel is teenage horror fiction series. did you ever read one of them? or maybe Chibimaruko Chan and Doraemon? hahahha i love all of them :3

ok, that's a little story about my holiday. how about you? :)

see you next post!
<3 Ida Yusnilawati
Dream big! xoxo


  1. Haha, we're same :3
    can you imagine that i have 3 month and i think it will be fun. Yippie. glad to see your blog! :)

    ah, can you follow me back? i've followed you :)

    1. hei thanks! yep i also have 3 month but one year ago :3
      sure followed you now <3


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