Saturday, November 24, 2012

First, Experience, Awesome #ISE

good night readers. I want to tell you something :p
it's about ISE
ISE tercipta sejak kami ikut lomba blog dan poster dari ITS Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia. held by IS Expo 2012 or called ISE. lomba untuk Senior High School student, but in this post i wont talk about the meaning of IS Expo. I'll tell you about our group, yes ISE. Simple! ISE is I for Ida (me), S for Sofi, E for Eriska. sama ya? kebetulan aja kok

oke lets talk about ISE
last month saya lagi liat-liat poster di mading sekolah. terus saya baca soal lomba IS Expo 2012. Next day Eriska talk about those poster too. terus kami sepakat buat ikut lomba itu. karna lombanya berisi 3 orang dalam 1 grup, kami ajak Sofi ikutan :)

kami bertiga sepakat ikut lomba. registrasi terakhir 7 september
Peraturan lomba ini adalah kami diwajibkan untuk membuat blog dan membuat post tentang sekolah kami. karena temanya "The Life of IS Among My School" dan "What do you know about sistem information" untuk lomba desain poster.

hard work! terimakasih untuk masjid SMK Telkom Sandhy Putra Malang for letting us work there for few days. kita ngerjain disana karna ada wifi di sekolah. don't try it at your school :P

kami ngerjain mulai November 8th sampai November 14th. kami buat 6 artikel aja karena waktunya udah habis
 this is our logo. i made it by myself

want to see our blog? (open)

November 14th. we got more than 2000 viewers, 86 followers and 38 comment and 21 comment on chatbox. real big thanks for your support guys

tim kami no. 11 dan kami belum menang :)
Alhamdulillah, this was first contest and first experience for us and be number 6 from 34 team was so awesome <3

look! no.11 that score for ISE :)
more detail (open)
good job ISE!

 oke guys that's a little story that I want to tell you
hope you enjoy my blog
sorry my English still bad
see you on the next post!
Dream Big! xoxo


  1. yey thanks guys ♥ later i want follow competition again :D

  2. Mbak followback ya, ISE keren banget ! :)*kalah juga*

    1. wah thanks ya :)
      Mitreka Satata juga keren ;)
      followed ♥


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